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If you are considering receiving a dental crown to repair a tooth that has suffered damage or decay or is unflattering due to cosmetic flaws, our team at Irvine Spectrum Dental typically performs the process over two different visits and may need to involve a temporary dental crown. Caring for a temporary dental crown is different than a permanent crown or a normal tooth since it is more prone to damage.

Before placing a dental crown, we will need to shape the tooth into an abutment that can support the permanent dental crown, and this is accomplished by removing the outer layer of tooth enamel. Because a quality custom dental crown often requires a few weeks to create and the abutment would be left vulnerable during this time, you may need to cover the tooth with a temporary appliance for protection.

The use of a temporary dental crown is to keep the abutment safe from bacteria and other harmful substances, and it is not designed to be as strong and stable as a normal tooth or your final crown. To avoid knocking your temporary crown loose and damaging the abutment underneath, eat a diet of soft food and take small bites. The temporary tooth should not be used for lots of chewing or to eat food that is hard or crunchy.

You can brush and floss your teeth as normal while wearing a temporary crown, but use caution when cleaning around the appliance so that it is not disturbed. Waxed dental floss can help you clear plaque from the crown without having to force the string into position and risking knocking out your crown.

Please feel free to contact our office at 949-387-6418 today and arrange a visit with our dentist, Dr. Albert Yuen if you would like to learn more or have a loose temporary dental crown in Irvine, California.