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If you wish to protect yourself this holiday season, always remember to guard your oral health whenever possible. Numerous oral health risks are present this year as with any other season, so it is important to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to keep your smile safe. Listed below are common tooth hazards that can arise, and potential treatment tips to help protect yourself:

– A condition known as bruxism which is linked to teeth grinding unconsciously can severely hinder your oral health.
– Always make sure to shield your young infants from the effects of baby bottle tooth decay, which can often be caused by leaving a baby bottle in an infant’s crib overnight filled with hazardous products that contain sugars.
– If you fail to wear the proper safety gear such as mouth guards when partaking in potential high-risk activities, you can greatly damage your teeth
– Numerous products and hard candies, including cough drops, can severely impair your smile if bitten into. In addition, they are often heavily packed with sugars that can promote dental erosion and cavities.
– A seemingly harmless habit such as chewing on ice can lead to severe dental damage such as a chipped or cracked tooth or triggering a lingering toothache.
– Exercise caution with mouth jewelry or any other similar risk including tongue piercings, as it can lead to nerve damage and severe oral ailments.

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