Straightening Your Smile for Better Oral Health and Greater Confidence

brunette girl with braces smiling and holding hands up to faceHaving a straight smile brings more than just an increased confidence in yourself. By having your teeth properly aligned and straight, it can be easier for you to care for your teeth with proper brushing and flossing. Here at Irvine Spectrum Dental, we want you to have the best of both worlds: a beautiful smile, and a healthy one. And we proudly offer orthodontic treatments to help you get there.

Orthodontics is a specific branch of dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth and aligning your bite for optimal performance and appearance. To achieve these goals, orthodontics can treat misaligned, crowded, and gapped or spaced teeth. In addition, orthodontic treatments can help correct misaligned bites, including underbites, overbites, crossbites and open bites.

Over the years, advanced dental technology has made it easier and more affordable to perform orthodontic procedures. In addition, patients of all ages can receive orthodontic treatments to improve their smile. When you visit our practice, Dr. Anthony Yu will visit with you to determine your specific smile goals and needs, and they will help determine the best orthodontic treatment for you.

Most orthodontic treatments take several months to complete, lasting between one and two years. The duration of your treatment will be based on your current condition and what you want your final results to be. After your treatment is complete, our dentist will likely provide you with a retainer to help keep your smile straight for the rest of your life. It is important to wear your retainer as directed, and to follow all other post-treatment instructions.

If you are tired of hiding your smile, we invite you to contact our practice at 949-387-6418 and talk to use about how we can improve your smile with orthodontics in Irvine, California!