Keep Your Smile Safe While You Sleep

Many people find that the clench their teeth together when they are under a great deal of stress or pressure. While the occasional clenching may not harm your smile, it is important to protect your teeth if you clench or grind your teeth on a regular basis. For most people, this happens when they sleep, which means that they are not aware of it or awake to stop it.

woman with open mouth to show night guard that protects teeth while asleepWhen you visit Irvine Spectrum Dental, our dentist can examine your mouth to look for signs of regular teeth clenching and grinding. Also known as bruxism, this condition often leads to worn-down teeth and a sore jaw, among other symptoms. If you experience any symptoms of bruxism, Dr. Anthony Yu can provide you with a customized night guard to protect your teeth while you sleep.

Night guards are worn just like a mouth guard or retainer. They are made from durable plastic that is molded to fit your unique bite. Depending on your unique situation, our dentist may provide you with a night guard for your upper arch, lower arch or both. Any of our night guard options provides a protective layer between your teeth to prevent your teeth from wearing down.

Some night guards also include a small attachment that sits between your upper and lower teeth, ultimately preventing them from touching. This not only stops your teeth from grinding but prevents you from clenching your jaw, which reduces jaw soreness.

If you notice that your teeth look worn down or have become more sensitive, or if you experience frequent headaches or jaw pain, we encourage you to visit with our dentist and receive your night guard in Irvine, California. Give us a call at 949-387-6418 to set up your visit.