Restoring Damaged Teeth and Improving Your Oral Health

When you think of a crown, odds are you think of the bejeweled headdresses made for royalty. While these certainly are crowns, our team at Irvine Spectrum Dental has a different definition. A crown is a type of dental restoration that is designed to restore the health, shape and size of a severely damaged tooth.

A dental crown, also known as a cap, is frequently used to restore teeth that have been severely damaged by tooth decay or injury. Each crown is custom-made to fit comfortably and resemble natural teeth. During your dental crown treatment, our dentist will start by removing any damaged parts of the tooth. Next, Dr. Anthony Yu will take an impression of your teeth and send it, along with the specifications on your natural tooth’s size, shape and color, to a dental lab. In a couple of weeks, your dental crown will be custom-made and sent back to our office.

graphic of a dental crown being placed over a previously damaged toothDuring your second visit, our dentist will ensure that your crown fits correctly and is the proper size and color before permanently cementing it into place over the remaining natural tooth. In just two short visits, you can have a dental restoration that resembles your natural tooth.

Dental crowns can be made a several different materials, including gold, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal. When you visit our practice for your dental crown in Irvine, California, our dentist will help you decide which type of crown is right for you. Whether you have a decayed, damaged or weakened tooth, or if you are simply looking to improve the appearance of your smile, give our practice a call at 949-387-6418 to learn how a dental crown can help you.