Permanently Replace Missing Teeth with the Most Natural-Like Dental Restoration

If you have one or more missing teeth in your smile, get ready for an innovative dental restoration that is going to blow your mind. Dental implants are the latest and greatest dental restoration option for replacing missing teeth, and our dentist and team at Irvine Spectrum Dental are happy to have the skills and means necessary to provide you with dental implants in our very own practice.

Dental implants are just as their name might suggest: dental restorations that are implanted into your smile. How does it work? Well, an implant is made up of three parts: an implant post, an abutment and a tooth replacement restoration. The implant post is surgically inserted into the jawbone in the area where your natural tooth once sat. Once it is in place, the abutment is placed on top, which will help hold the dental restoration in place. Depending on whether you are replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth, your dental restoration could be a crown, bridge or denture.

girl holding a model of a dental implantIn many implant treatments, you will have a period after the implant post is inserted before receiving your customized dental restoration. This period of time will allow your mouth to heal and enable your jaw bone to integrate with the implant post. Once your healing period is over, Dr. Anthony Yu will provide you with a customized dental restoration that resembles your natural tooth’s size, shape and color.

You may be wondering why dental implants are such a big deal. We’ll tell you. Dental implants are designed to replace both the roots and crown of your natural tooth. Traditional dental restorations only replaced the crown. By replacing the roots as well, dental implants can help stimulate the jaw bone so that it continues to grow and stay healthy. If there is nothing to stimulate the jaw bone, such as with a traditional dental bridge or dentures, the bone can start to deteriorate. In the end, dental implants give you a restoration that is as identical to your natural tooth than any available dental restoration can get. Plus, with proper care, your implant can last a lifetime!

If you have one or more missing teeth in your smile, call our office at 949-387-6418 and set up your consultation to speak with our dentist about whether you are a good candidate for receiving dental implants in Irvine, California.