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There is more to know about your toothbrush than the facts that it cleans your smile and prevents dental issues. In fact, there are many interesting details you didn’t know that could blow your mind! Our dentist, Dr. Albert Yuen, would like to teach you about those things so you can know more about the tool you use every morning and night. Some interesting facts you didn’t know include:

– The toothbrush is 5,000 years old. Ancient civilizations used a frayed stick to remove food from their teeth. As the time passed, the toothbrush evolved and was made from bone, wood, or ivory as well as animal hairs.

– Manual and electric toothbrushes can both clean your smile with the same effectiveness. This means it doesn’t matter which type of toothbrush you use. So, when selecting the type of brush to clean your teeth, feel free to choose whichever one you want.

– Toothbrushes don’t last forever. They only last 3-4 months. So, if you’ve used your toothbrush longer than 4 months or if the bristles have frayed, it’s time to replace it. This is because it is no longer 100 percent effective.

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